Friday, March 16, 2007

Rippler Highlight of the Day

Hello-y 'Lo Ripplers!

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, but you know life, it's pesky. I've been popping over to your blogs and websites as I can get to them, and I've seen some fabulous non-ripply stuff I've been meaning to point big neon winking arrows at. Today what I found brought such a huge smile to my face and totally engrossed the wee ones as well that I had to take a minute for show and tell.

Go to Stasia's Blog, Yarn and a Barn and watch the video. Be warned you will want to close up shop and jump to the country. Yep, Stasia has a FARM! With GOATS! And SHEEP! And that means fiber and spinning! Just color me every shade of green you can think of. And she's just a stone's throw from me too. Small world. She has some of her own patterns linked too, check them out.

Hopefully I'll have time to do this every few days. You are all just too fun not to share!

Your ever-loving Ripple Mistress, Dawn


Lisa said...

Hi Dawn and everyone,

I love this blog, everyone's blankets are so lovely. I would love to join you, but can't see how a person would sign on? Is there a secret password? A secret handshake? Is membership closed? Help!

New to crochet, but inspired, in South Dakota.

Dawn said...

hey sd, your invite is on it's way!