Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh how slow my ripple does grow

I said I didn't crochet much, I'm abit jealous of everyone else & their blankets as they seem to be growing twice as fast as mine.
Here is what I've done since I last posted, I think I've added about 3 rows, more photos will be on my blog.
Nevermind like I said I only crochet in the evening while watching tv & I haven't done much of that lately, I've been so busy with other projects.
Check out my blog & you'll see what I mean
It is so fun to see all the blankets, I just want to curl up under all of them.


Leah said...

That's really pretty--looks almost shimmery!

Me said...

I really like your colors, and so does my daughter. She wants one just like it.

Oiyi said...

Oh, I love the color of your afghan!