Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Intro and pics

Hi! I'm RC (Colleen) and I'm a rippler..... in fact I've started 2 ripple blankets! I'm using the "Smartie" pattern from 200 Ripples for both. The first is Caron Simply Soft, Brites! 7 colors all together. (only 4 done up so far). The Brites are really brite and happy. It makes me smile each time I take them out. This is marked for my AI duPont children's hospital project. I'm hoping it will make some kid smile!
The next is a smaller ripple done in Cascade Cherub Collection Aran. Only 4 colors for this one, blue, green, yellow and red. Great primary colors that will go with anything. This is actually marked to be the display model for the shop where I "work". I'm hoping to have enough left over to do a knit ripple too. I'm just not sure if I will enjoy the knit ripple as much as the crochet.

Everyone has such great ripples going on! I have really enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Thanks so much for letting me join.


Megan said...

I love,love,love your colors. The one in brites would make any child *or probably adult* smile.

sammimag said...

Love the colors too. I saw something like this in an craft book from the 70's or 80's. Your is inspiring me again:)