Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Still Rippling

Here's my progress on the ripple blanket I am crocheting for my niece. I'm about to start another block of turquoise and I can't decide if I should do it the same as before or change it.

Someone asked in a previous post if anyone was using a special crochet hook. I'm not using one (I actually lost my Clover Soft Touch! *sob* I loved that hook so much I had to order another one) but I went through a stash of needles I recently inherited from my Great Aunt and Grandmother who were both needleworkers (a knitter and a crocheter, Grammie taught me to crochet when I was a teenager) and found amongst the plastic and aluminum hooks a tiny bone crochet hook and a hand made wooden crochet hook that I think belonged to my Great Grandmother on that side of the family. I want to use one of those hooks to make something after I'm done with this afghan.

P.S. Do knit ripples count too? If so, I am making some rippled squares for one of these in between my crochet ripples!

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