Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yes, it's me, your blushing, invisible hostess


What can I tell you my ripplers, no excuses, sometimes life just gets in the way. This past week a 6th birthday weekend complete with middle child meltdown and school-choice snaffu plopped a blogblock the size of Mt Kilimanjaro in my way. At this point, I believe we've completed our ascent and are well on our way careening down hill. The plains are hopefully on the horizon and I'll have more time to spend bopping around here and your sites.

I have, however, had me some un-rippling time:

Yep, those 20 annoying one stitch off on the last repeat so one edge was listing rows are no longer. So, I only have about a foot of ripple once again, but I've done the second foot twice now. Bummer. I'm ready to move forward again, but honestly, I really, really like this repeat and am thinking of making a yarn purchase to move on randomly with just these colors...or not. Am just not sure. So I guess I'll just mull, mull, mull some more.

That doesn't mean I haven't been rippling though:

I spent a good deal of my spare seconds this weekend releasing my stress by trying to figure out how to transform the soft wave into a round pattern. See those sheets of paper? There are similar ones all over my house. And yes, I do in fact mean ALL OVER. After trying and frogging, trying and frogging I took pity on my yarn (not in the picture, it's some gorgeous, shimmery Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in two shades of subtly variegated blues that I imagine turning into a blanket of a puddle-ish sort) and set about to chart it out before trying again. OUCH. It was like one huge undoable calculus problem. Even my hubby culdn't figure out the math for the increases. If I thought my head was going to explode with tension before, it really was now. SO, I took a deep breath and gave up and googled the heck out of every way I could think of to find a soft wave round crochet pattern or stitch. No go. But I did find Beth's great star pattern that I think just may hold the key to setting up the early that I've tried it out I think it just may work...and the baby gets a new lovey out of some of my scraps as a bonus. (and OK, thanks to Kim-the-enabler, there are now some granny squares too, but more about that elsewhere...)

Stay tuned, more rippling fun to come! Way to go y'all, your stuff looks great. I now want to buy enormous quantities of yarn and make WAY too many blankets. This could keep me going for a very, very long time...

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nanaofnc said...

When I starting rippling and then saw the granny-along, I thought "I'll never do the squares", but sure enough, last night I too was playing with a couple of squares in anticipation of my next project. This is all so addictive!