Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby Ripple Progress

So this is day 2 of the baby ripple. I didn't work too hard on it yesturday as a few other WIP had stolen my attention. I also noticed how many PIGS I have ... scary thought! I have a horrible problem starting projects... then getting bored or lose my attention to another project.

I'm really starting to like these colors stacked up next to eachother. It's so different seeing them like this, compared to all for being used at once. Such as in this blanket that I made a few weeks ago. I used the exact same
yarns, and yet for some reason.. the colors look different.

I started thinking today about doing a baby hat to go along with this blanket. I'm thinking of trying to do it in a ripple *of course* similar to the round ripple blankets I've seen a few of you do. I'm thinking I would just stop doing the increases and that should turn it into hat form. Any help with this would be great. Since I'm still a newbie at the ripples, the round pattern may be a bit tricky at first.

A quick question for you all: How many WIP do you have going at once, besides your ripple?

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Dawn said...

Let's see Megan, WIP count now stands at:

one partially frogged large ripple

one almost done small star ripple

one multiply frogged totally failed soft wave round ripple

one about to be frogged partially crocheted coat soon (or at least before next fall) to be a different knit coat

one only needs to be kitchnered sock

one only cuff done because i'm afraid to start the cables sock

one foot of misty garden scarf

...and I think/hope that's it.