Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A note to lurkers and want to be invited-ers

I know you're out there, I've seen your comments and gotten your emails! I have, really, really, really. It's just that sometimes you get stuck in my spam filter, and *blush* I'm not always the greatest at getting to it daily. I throw myself and my three kids on your mercy. Have patience with me! Keep them coming, and I promise I will get you invited and your comments posted as soon as is humanly possible for this at home mom.

...and if you are waiting on an invite, please let me know. There are about 15 outstanding/unaccepted invites that have been sent out in the past few weeks. If you're waiting on one, check your spam. It comes from Blogger and it may be lurking. If not, pop me another note and we'll try, try again. :)

Dawn, your ever-loving ripple mistress


RC said...

please please can I join? I already started uh, 2 blankets! At the same time! please??

cbast25 at yahoo dot com

Dynamite said...

i have been ordered by kim from crochetme to joing the NEISripple along. so please add me? nothing is posted yet, but will be soon. :)

Dawn said...

rc, lemme know if you got your invite, they have a way of going astray.

dynamite, would love to send you one, but can't access your profile or any of your info. pop me a private email with your address and we'll get you on board!

kyogadawn at visi dot com

Vanessa said...

I'd Like to join, I started mine but do not know how to join in

Tina said...

I would like to join the ripple-along! I am working on two ripple afghans at the moment. All I have seen are crochet ripples, could I show my knit one also?
bredeson.t at gmail dot com
Thank you

TeaMouse said...

I'd like more information about how to join and where to get the pattern.

Larry and Deb said...

Hi there,

I would dearly love to be invited! I have caught the ripple bug and baby, I got it bad. :) It's my first crochet effort and it's turning out marvellously (but I am sure that my being a knitter from way back has helped). I would love to join the festivities here. :)


Guam Girl said...

I have been drooling over these wonderful ripples. I did one years ago for my brother, and would love to get in on this to do another one.

Dawn said...

deb, please send me your email address so i can have blogger invite you!

kyogadawn at visi dot com

Dawn said...

tea mouse, your invite is on it's way. let me know if you have issues. look under the labels on the sidebar of the main blog, there is a pattern link category. the library should also be a haven for books with ripple patterns!

Dawn said...

tina, please do bring on the knitting! your invite is on it's way!