Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Showing off the ripples!

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the ripple-along. I really enjoy crocheting and knitting. This first photo is a ribbed ripple that I worked on off and on for a very long time, probably over 4 years, I finally finished it last year. I know it is pretty blurry, my camera is pretty old and falling apart. There is some pattern to it, A blue, A solid, A multi. There is one part that doesn't follow it, but oh well. The ribbing (which I know you can't see) comes from doing a front post double crochet in a ripple pattern. Each big section of color is one entire skein of yarn. It is really thick and heavy.
The next one pictured is my current leftovers/didn't have a project for blanket. This is a regular ripple afghan There is a color list on my new blog. This has turned more into a leftovers afghan, as you can see on the right. The purple in the middle and the gray on the end were pulled out of a different project and were all cut up into pieces. This one has also been in the works for a while, I recently finished a rainbow knitted baby blanket, which gave me leftovers to add to this afghan. I have a couple new colors to add to this one from a new ripple I recently started.

<--- This is my newest ripple, another ribbed ripple. at least in this one you can see the ribbing in the first picture. I am working this one from my stash, which is rather large and getting bigger. My step-mom gave me a HUGE bag of yarn that she no was no longer going to use. The second pic shows an estimate of how long it is which is about 60".

This last one is a knit ripple that is called a Feather and Fan pattern that I found on DIY Network, I have modified it some from the original, but the original is still a really great pattern on its own. I chose to do it in a rainbow of the colors, which makes it perfect for a baby blanket, the next color is red, then the colors repeat. This is about the third time I have done this pattern. I like it so much, and so have the parents of the kids they were for.

At the moment I can't find pictures of the round ripple I finished a while ago, I may have to go take pictures of it again at the new owners.
Thanks for giving me a place to share the ripply goodness!


Vanessa said...

Love all those ripples. The baby rainbow one is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see that one finished! You are just a busy rippler!!!!

Carla said...

Ah, your fan and feather is knitted. I thought it was and it looks great. I enjoyed all your lovely blankets. Glad you shared!

Susan said...

Cool ripples. Feather and fan is just so much fun - but I usually do scarves and socks with it. I did a baby chakra/rainbow many times - but using pale colors. I really like yours.