Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My First Ripple (and Now I'm Hooked!)

I was recently given a stash of rather hideous acrylic yarn to use for my charity crafting. I've decided to make it into a small (36" square) ripple and donate it to either Project Linus, my local hospital, or The Snuggles Project (Hugs for Homeless Animals). Where it goes depends on how it turns out. I'm using Susan's Easy Ripple pattern. Here's the start of it. What do you think? Not too hideous, is it? (That's a deep burgundy third from the right.)

I'm loving working on this already! I would love to make a queen-size ripple to use in place of a comforter on my bed. I'm thinking lots of colors of Peace Fleece. Wonder if that would be warm enough to replace a comforter . . .

Side note: I started the Soft Waves ripple from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns, but I had some trouble with row 2. The peaks and valleys weren't matching up for me. Is there an error in the pattern, or did I just goof? I didn't try very hard to figure it out. I was feeling impatient and just wanted to get going already :-)


Anina said...

It's really nice. I made a little ripple with icky yarn too which I'm planning to donate as well.

Michelle said...

I think it is really cute but I like odd colors. I did find that there was a little error in the pattern, email me and I can send you the corrected version(or the version that made it make sense to me)