Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Pattern News!

Hey all!

Sorry I've been a bit scarce round bouts here, but I've been in a mommy funk. "What have I done with my life? Will I ever again have a life?" Yada. Yada. Mired, that be me recently.

Anyway, just caught up on some invites, and found this new pattern for a granny/ripple combo with a quite ingenious decrease I haven't seen before. Check it out. And drop Krisitn a virtual pat on the back while you're at it...she may be doing more than lurking here soon!

More later my ripplistas...

Dawn aka The HRM


Nancy said...

Dawn, that is a different sort of ripple for sure! Looks fun though and I may just give that a shot for a baby ghan in the summertime.

Glad to see you posting!

Stasia said...

You need to take a break from the kidlets and come see baby KIDS instead!

Megan said...

Her pattern is very similar to Jan's in the ripple book. #190 Granny Chevrons.

I'm doing that pattern now and it works up very fast... I am thinking of using it for an adult blanket that I've been wanting to make for a while. But it does work very fast for baby blankets... *mine would be done if I actually worked on just ONE project instead of 10*