Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ice cream with Ketchup on top!

Lovely title, isn't it? That's what my blanket looks like so far... neopolitan ice cream with a healthy scooping of ketchup for extra flavour.

WIP: Ripple Blanket with four shades of colour

I hate ketchup!

I'm trying to take a personal growth approach to this blanket - taking risks and letting go of control. You know... trusting my crafty instincts in selection of yarn colours, and believing that all will settle in and be okay. The most important part - trusting in the process and enjoying it. It's all a little something I learned while studying Expressive Arts this past summer.

Jen - Persephone's Awakening


kimmiep621 said...

I really like the red in it. kinda makes it pop a bit.

Leah said...

I laughed at your description of ketchupy ice cream! But in fact, the colors are really nice together. I agree with you totally--you said it perfectly--this blanket is about letting go of control! For me too--I didn't really plan it, just picked colors I liked and now add whatever color I think should come next as I go--at most I'll plan three stripes ahead, but usually it's a seat-of-the-pants operation! All about letting the freak flag fly! (or something...)

Rae said...

It took me about seven or eight color changes to start trusting the process -- endless questions swirled -- but now I've relaxed and am having even more fun. I think it's the color-journey aspect of this project that makes it so compelling.