Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ripply goodness

These pictures are from a little booklet I picked up at Walmart. I wish I would post the instructions because Dawn was looking for a center ripple pattern, This first photo is of the back and the front of the booklet (reading from the left). I did the one that is photographed on the left quite a while ago, I haven't been able to find the photos I took of it so I haven't been able to share it yet. But from the book you can see how it looks. Mine was done in Dark Green, then Light Green, then Light blue, repeating. It is a very large blanket when done. 8 center points, then doubles to 16 points, then doubles again to 32 points. I made it as a baby blanket for a friends baby, I started it when I found out she was pregnant, and finished it when he was a year old. I was basically teaching myself how to crochet at the time and had to frog this thing out several times, sometimes from being over half way! NOT a beginners pattern! It did end up teaching me a lot about how to read an actual pattern. The one on the left is called Aztec Sun, the one on the right Vibrance.

This next one is called Royal Bargello, I think it would be fun to do in blues and maybe a green, like a waterfall.

This one on the left is another ripple I have sort of forgotten about. Mostly because to continue I need a lighter shade of orange in the Simply Soft brand, since that is what the rest of the blanket is made of. I found the color I need on the Caron site, it is called Light Country Peach, alas I have no way of purchasing things online, at least not yet. I have another project that would need 2 skeins of it as well, which is probably why it hasn't been started. It is photographed pinned up on the curtains in my living room, since that is the only place I could think of to take any kind of photo of it. I would use the bed as many have done but um the bed is on a bed frame my husband conceived of and built. Sitting on the bed his hair brushes the ceiling, and the top of the mattress hits about mid-chest on me while standing. So pictures on it not happening, at least if I am taking them. Each strip of color is one skein. Done on smaller needles than the previously posted knitted ripple, also with just one strand of yarn instead of two.
Ok, really long post today! Sorry!
One more thing, I need some input fellow ripplers, I am considering, and have been considering for some time frogging this afghan, and restarting it with JUST leftover yarn. At the moment it currently has yarn that I didn't have a plan for at the time, such as the yellow, orange, dark blue, the lighter pink and the multi purple. The gray at the end and the purple in the middle were frogged from something else, and are in small bits so they would be reworked into the new work if I were to restart it. I have a quandary, this has been in the works for years, but I am really not liking how it is turning out and want to restart it.
I shall post updates on my previously posted projects tomarrow.


Tawana said...

Very pretty blankets! I say if you don't like how it is turning out, then frog it. There is no sense in working on something if you are not enjoying it.

sulingfei said...

All of you production are very beautiful.I love them very much. I think you are very prowerful.
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kathy said...

wow this has a ripple effect awesome love it congrats.