Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Addicted to ripple

I'm also new and recently caught up in the ripple craze. Having seen the lovely creations that you talented people are turning out I decided to order some yarn (I used all my bits and pieces for projects for the school fete last year) and get started. I ordered a whole box of 100% merino yarn from a woolen mill in Tasmania and have been rippling steadily since it arrived (with just a brief pause to wind it into balls). It's about 2.4m wide (that's 8ft to those who work better in imperial measurements) and about 46cm long, which is 18 inches, or so my in-house converter [a.k.a. husband] tells me. I want it to fit my queen-sized bed when it's done and have figured out if I keep going at the same rate I should be done in about six weeks.

The pattern is one I learnt as a girl from an aunt but which I'd forgotten I knew until I saw all this. A bit of experimenting brought it all back and this is the result.

Not sure I've chosen the best colours but I think once it's all done it will work okay.


Devvy said...

Lovely work, Daisy? Did you get your wool from Waverley mills?

Riss said...

I love that one red stripe in the sea of blue...