Tuesday, April 3, 2007


This is the inspiration for my learning how to ripple. I grew up with this 'ghan my mom made way before i was born. It was always hanging on the top of the couch. I always loved the style. (not the color) it was the 70's lol i knew one day i was going to learn how to make something like this. hmmm maybe i could find some funky yarn like that and give to my kids. Notice that its on the couch in 79 and 83. probably tons more if i really looked. i just saw these in my book and had to scan them.


Susan said...

So cute! Hey back in 79 I was a senior in high school. I had already gifted an ack-rylic granny square afghan in brown and cream to my godmother. She still has it too! I wish I had a photo of it. She would probably think it more than a little strange if I showed up and took a pic of it now.

Mary said...

Your kids might feel about your ripple or another afghan when they grow up! That's so neat.

Kim said...

ET! Cabbage Patch Kid! So fun. And great inspiration. :)