Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Intro

Hello everyone! I was in the slew of newbies that joined up this past week. I have made a couple ripple projects before, but I was inspired by the modern color combos and the soft, ripply stripes that seem to be "in" in the blogosphere right now.

I made my first ripple 'ghan for my brother for Christmas in teenage-friendly black/white/grey. I used a double strand of Caron Simply Soft acrylic and a Q-hook.

I also made a ripple shawl for charity last year in Red Heart "Soft" but didn't take a picture. I used this pattern from Lion Brand.

I loved the soft waves in the shawl, so I am using that pattern again. Only I made the foundation chain bigger for a 'ghan sized project. I sorted through my (enomous) stash this weekend to see what I could use. I've only done a few rows so far, but I am looking forward to continuing this relaxing project.

Thanks for letting me join!


Peggy said...

How awesome that you used a Q hook. I'm just curious how long it took to make? Its very nice.

mama k said...

I cranked it out pretty fast, but it still took a long time cause I started right before I had my baby! LOL