Monday, April 23, 2007

New ... Carissa

Thanks for having me!!! I was so excited when I found you guys! I had made a ripple lapghan about 6 years ago and when I saw all your's ... well, I knew that I had to do another one!

Here's mine from 6 years ago ... made from Paton's Canadiana ... the white stripes have a little bit of sparkle in them, I don't think they're showing up in the picture :(

Now the one that I'm working on now. I had the full collection of KnitPicks Palette yarn for a sweater that I was going to knit .. but I fell out of love with the sweater ... it's perfect for this blanket though!!! Yeah :) Here's where I am!

I'm really enjoying watching all your ripples grow!!!

~*~ Happy Rippling ~*~

Spirit Blooms -


Lallee said...

Very pretty, Carissa. I love the colors in both afghans.

mama k said...

ooh pretty! I love that first one for a baby.

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Very pretty, I love it. I used palette too. Yours looks so different though because I didn't use the browns. Do you have the greys and black in there as well?

Kris said...

Susan ... yes I have the greys and blacks too :) they're up and coming!