Monday, April 23, 2007

Mistake in the pattern?

For those of you who have Jan's book 200 stitches... could you do me a favor.

On page 115, pattern # 190 Granny Chevrons. I think there is a problem with the pattern. I started using it last night on my BRITES ripple. I love how calming doing granny's can be.. and a granny style ripple is even better! There's just something about 3 dc groups!!

On row 2: your doing a 3 dc group in one sc... then skipping 2 sc. My problem is right before the first star thing used to mark where you should repeat. 3dc ch3 3dc in next. But if I'm reading the pattern correct... there would be no 2 sc space. Perhaps I am just reading it wrong... but could you all take a quick look at the pattern and let me know what you think.

The picture at top shows that there is a 2 sc space before and after the peak. When I started mine last night thoe, I chained 115 +2. I split up the 2 sc space after the peak and put one before and one after. However I did not end where the pattern says I should. I was at the end of a decrease.

Thanks to everyone to looks.

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