Monday, April 23, 2007

Can Ripples Be Square?

Another new rippler here! I started rippling this afghan a few weeks ago as a relaxing break in between more complicated projects. All of the wonderful color combinations I saw on this blog really inspired me to pick up my crochet hook and go at it!

Instead of buying new yarn for the project, some stash-digging revealed a number of half-used balls in blues and greens. Each yarn has a story to tell and reminds me of its original use as I crochet with it. Talk about yarn memory!

So here I am, almost 3 feet into my project and about to run out of odd-balls. Eek! As I see it, I have two solutions: (1) make a small square afghan [3.3’ x 3.3’] to serve as a lap blanket or (2) put the project aside until I use up more blue and green from my regular stash. For option 1, I risk having a too-small afghan; though I am afraid that option 2 will give me a disjoint from color repeats. Suggestions?

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