Monday, March 5, 2007

Newcomer here

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm so excited to be part of this ripple along.
I decided to do another round ripple afghan to replace one I finished last year but gave to my MIL because she wanted it so much. I made it in my son's high school colors and made the mistake of taking it to a football game that my MIL attended.

Because I have also joined a stash busting group I really wanted to make use of this green/blue yarn that I bought for another project but ripped out. It's going pretty fast.

I love seeing everyone's ripples. They're all beautiful!



Dawn said...

wow! it's very striking, and i think the color variation works really, really well with the round ripple.

Carla said...

Wowie zowie! That is going to be one great round ripple!

DaniLane said...
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DaniLane said...

you've just reminded me that i've got my own round ripple stashed away!
gotta get it out of the bin now, lol.
i love the greens and blues here.