Monday, March 5, 2007

A bit of Admin...bear with me!

WOW, what a week!

Seriously, a little over a week ago, Kim and I kicked a few emails back and forth and as a result I claimed this space in the name of happy ripplers everywhere....and now we have OVER 40 crafters rippling along! I've had emails from the Netherlands, Australia, France, and I think Japan. People that have never crocheted are picking up hooks, and best yet, so are some people that haven't hooked in years. How cool is that?!?!?!

My husband is a bit perplexed, but hey, it's all good, and it's not often that something I do makes him giggle so much. He's taken to checking my email for newbies almost as often as I have.

So, with all this rippling and posting, I have made one tiny organizational change. If you scroll down, you'll notice the "labels" heading in the sidebar. When you write a post, at the box you're writing in there is a little space for you to enter a label for it. Humor me and put your name or "tag" there. That way the posts can be sorted according to author. So, if you want to check up on how Kim's ripple has progressed from the start, you can just click her label link and see all of her posts without browsing back through all of them....and we're now officially over 50 posts! YIPPEE!

You can also go back and enter labels for your old posts from the "posting" tab. click the box next to your posts, then at the top of that box, under "label actions" you can choose "new label" and make one for yourself and all of your old posts will be labeled in that one fell swoop.

Is that all confusing? Jot me a note and I'll clarify if I can...blogger tutorial most definitely needed at times.

So, my hearty ripplers, keep up the good rippling fun. It does a body good.


Kim said...

Holy crap! It's been way fun to watch the momentum grow here, but I didn't realize it was growing so FAST! This is the most fun I've had online in ages. Lemme know if you need a hand staying on top of it all!

Jen said...

oh what a great idea! sorting by person to view progress is such a wonderful thing. I can't wait to start mine :)

Alicia P. said...

Amazing, you guys. I love this.