Monday, March 5, 2007

My Turn; Me Too!

Today my yarn arrived! I am really cheap when it comes to having things shipped, so I have to "be okay" with sometimes sloooooooooow delivery because slow=cheap. Sometimes slow=free, and that is a really good reason to be patient. Anticipation and all that stuff.

Anyway, the yarn for my ripple-along is from 22 different colors of their 100% wool, fingering weight yarn named Palette. Because I am making such a large size, I thought that a fingering weight yarn would be best. I am doing a soft ripples afghan in 23 colors (I already had 2 skeins of one yarn in my stash). Five colors will be used six times, the rest will be used three times each (one little ball will give me 6 rows/3 stripes!). That is a total of 168 rows, 84 2-row stripes. It will be 24 repeats of the pattern, and approximately 72 inches by 84 inches; big enough to cover the top of my queen-sized bed with a little bit of on each side and on the bottom. All for a steal at $51.74... plus another paltry $3.98 for the two skeins I already had but that hardly counts because it is from stash *grin*. Still, a queen-sized afghan for under $60 - whoa!

Here are my colors:

Fingering weight Palette Yarn by

and one sheet of my 3 sheet plan for the stripes/rows:

ZenKnit's ripple afghan plan

I am trying hard not to think about how unwieldly it will become. It will probably be an "at home" project after a certain stage. I guess I will find out. No rush on this one either, but from reading most of the posts here I can see that many of you are really ripping along on yours.

So many beautiful ripple afghans, thanks for the inspiration!

Susan aka ZenKnit


Kim said...

Susan, you're so organized! I can't wait to see your blanket. :)

deedledumpling said...

Wow, Susan, you have it all worked out. I am so imprssed by your organization. My Knit Picks is here, and my book just came, so I can't wait to see if I can "get" this pattern with my very old crochet skills. Can't wait to see your. Diana

Stasia said...

Great plan. Love those colors "in the ball" - can't wait to see them combined in your afghan!

jen said...

oh what pretty colorus- and you ARE organized! i'm just going to use scraps, myself.

Susan said...

Kim: Organized? Kind of more like obsessed. I love random looking things, but then cannot bear to "let go" so I have more of a planned random style.

Deedledumpling: Are you using Palette too? It will be great to see another one done up. So far I have 4 colors done already tonight! I had to look up a different description of the decrease stitch - holler if you get hung up.

Stasia: I am loving the colors so far too.

Alicia P. said...


Dawn said...

i bow to the project planning guru susan! amazing. this is going to be one GORGEOUS blanket. can't wait to see it progress!

helenw said...

*Swoon* My heart is going all pitter patter reading your accounting . . .
Beautiful yarn too - picture update pretty please?

mk said...

don't you just want to squash into all that yarn like a ball pit??? am I nuts???