Monday, March 5, 2007

Kati's Blanket

This is for our granddaughter, Kati. Her birthday is this summer and I'm hoping to have it finished well before then. She is one of those unusual souls who has no favorite color, but her bedroom is lavender. Her mother did ask her the other day to choose another color for the eventual painting of her room After much deliberation, she chose green. Green — for a 5 year old little girl! I thought the 5 year old standard bearer colors for females were pink and purple! Her blanket will be like an Easter basket — bright eggy colors!


jen said...

i was at an accident scene this past summer and was doing crisis intervention with the girl who was injured. to keep her mind off her pain, i was asking her TONS of questions. i asked what her favourite colour was, and you know what she said?


It was the best answer I've ever heard.

Carla said...

LOL, that's very much like our little Kati. No color likes or prejudices.