Monday, April 16, 2007

Guess who has a finished Baby Ripple?

Me!!!! That's right. That Nor'Easter that hit up the North east including my hometown of New York was very conducive to finishing up this bad boy. It is so pretty, I almost want to keep it for my future babies, but no I am giving it to my goddaughter who is such a cutie pie.

My coworker helped me out by holding up so I could get a full picture. The only reason I brought it to work was to show her (she's a crocheter).

Here is a close up of the edging and tassels I did:

and a picture of the true color:

Specs on the Ripple:

Pattern: SusanB's Easy Ripple Afghan
Hook size: Clover Size F
Yarn: Combinations of Red Heart Soft Yarn, Dark Horse Fantasy Yarn, Cleckheaton 8ply yarn and 1 other that I can't remember.

All I did was cast on was a 139 stitches and went from there. I did 3 color repeats ( I was supposed to do 4, but then I think it would of been to long)

For the edging I did a sc of the first color I used in the afghan. ( I was going to do a sc of each color used in the blanket, but by the time I finished the first color I was done. So I just added tassels using all the colors in the blanket)

So there you have it. My first ever Ripple afghan, my first ever crochet FO as an adult. Now I am off to plan for my second Ripple, pattern will be out of 200 Ripple Stitch book

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nutnoh said...

It looks lovely! And wow, you are one FAST rippler!

mk said...

yay! it's so happy. I'd want to keep it too!

Jenni-Raie said...

congrats on finishing it. it came together so nicely!

Rae said...

Great-looking ripple and interesting blog, too.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the tassels - what a great idea!

babette said...

Love your color combo...can't wait to see what your next ripple will be like ;)

Jesse said...

It's lovely, so crisp and fresh!

Michelle said...

I think you just talked me into addding white to my next one. Soooo pretty! Congrats on finishing it and you are sooo quick.