Tuesday, March 20, 2007

please help the button challenged!

OK, I freely admit I'm not a blogger expert. Far from it in fact.

But we need one.

Can anyone please, please, please explain to us how to not only get the button in the sidebar but have it actually link at the same time? I can do one but not the other. In the text of a post, no troubles, but the sidebar? Can't find a way...most likely involves going into the template code adn that scares me silly.

Help us out will you?

Dawn HRM


Megan said...

I can help you out hun...

Instead of loading it as an image, put it as an html code. If you have messenger or are free for a bit I could help you out with it.

nanaofnc said...
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Megan said...

Dawn, I just sent you an email with a code that will help. It will let members copy the code as well so that their buttons will be click-able as well. I hope it helps.