Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thar she grows!

Hi Everyone -

Here's my progress report this week. I ordered some more Rowan Pure Wool DK from Elann after Erica and Amandasan clued me in that Elann had gotten their order in stock (and at 40% off!). I did check there before ordering the first time but they must not have got it up on the site yet. It's a good deal for this wool, and allowed me to expand my color palette a bit.

Now we're up to 21 total balls, but I hope not to use them all! Each ripple (2 rows) takes up 20 grams of yarn. So I can get two full ripples out of each 50gram ball. Now I just need to figure out how tall I want to make it.



I've done nothing but ripple for the past week, knitting needles have been put in standby as I enjoy stacking up the little spots of color. When I hit a spot I don't like, I crochet furiously to add a few more color ripples to balance it out.

It's all a little game of balance- too much color, too little color. I hope looking at it from an overview once it's all done it will be fine and look properly intertwined.

More pics and info on my blog, thanks ~Keri

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Priscilla said...

I really like your colors!