Sunday, March 25, 2007

A dish of delish!

When I finished row 4 today, I was reminded of ice cream - it seems the colours I've chosen so far resemble cotton candy (one of th best ice cream flavours, I may add). I had a sudden brainstorm - take a photo of progress thus far that looks like an ice cream sundae!

Slight problem - I don't have an ice cream bowl. So I settled on a cloche that I received in a swap. Imagine the crochet hook is a big fat ice cream spoon!

WIP: Ripple-Along -> 2nd colour done!

I attempted to use the stripe generator to plan out my ripple afghan, but discovered that I wasn't content with the way things looked. With that said, I'm taking a more random approach, and using various yarns I have tucked away in my bin. I want to be a bit spontaneous, but at the same time cringe at the thought of Linkhaving an ugly afghan! I will have to trust my power of choice at the time. And I'm using a blend between SusanB's pattern, and one I found on flickr (5 stitches instead of 6 mean more wave than peak).

I hear some interesting noises coming from the kitchen... must go check that out!

Jen - Ontario, Canada
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littlemissmeshell said...

Oh wow! Absolutely delicious cotton candy colours, love that pic =)

And that's so funny, I was exactly the same as you with my generated stripes! hehe