Sunday, March 25, 2007

My ripples

Well, my blanket is inching along, literally. Each row is an inch. I have too many projects going and this one is not easily portable, so I don't do it enough, but I plan on working on it tonight. But I found another ripple I have done.

Last year I participated in a One Skein exchange by Interweave Press and I recieved a skein of variegated cotton. You can't crochet a lot with only one skein, but I found a use for it.

It's a ripple purse. I crocheted a flat ripple and then folded the two ends into the center and sewed it up. The strap is an I-cord. I used every bit of this yarn, even the beads are strung with it, which is sort of cool because the colors show through the clear beads. Only problem with it htough is it is a little small for me, I carry around BAGS most of the time, but it is cute. Its also pink, maybe one day I'll actually have something to wear that matches it.



It's Me, Maven... said...

Clever one skein project!! Love the fruity colors, too:)

mk said...

great idea!! I love the variegated stuff, can't get enough!

Susan said...

What a cute idea (the purse). It reminds me of a bargello beadwork design. I guess bargello is really tapestry/needlework though.