Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 3

Ripple, Day 3I'm still a-baby-steppin'. The second green (a different yarn than the first; I think it's Filatura Di Crosa Zara) and the brown (leftover Cascade 220) really change the look of the whole piece. I'm not sure I love it at the moment, but I'm very confident the next few colours will change things up again. I can't wait!

I started a Ripple-Along group on Flickr to be a companion to this blog (I hope you don't mind, Dawn!) -- if you like cruising lots of ripply photos, please join in!


Dawn said...

hey, ripples are good no matter where they are, and i think being able to peruse them all on flikr will be awesome. if i can figure out how, will try to put the feed in the sidebar.

am myself to the point of adding in a bit if clash to my ripple and am hitting some unexpected inner maybe not too in love with the spiky chevron too, though that might be a case of "it's easier to frog it and start over than face the color issue"-itis rearing it's head. have an evening of lost and grey's anatomy in front of me to plow through it though...hopefully will get pics up tomorrow to get all your opinions.

sorry i've been a tad invisible, we've been having quite the storm working it's way through since yesterday afternoon...hope to have some gorgeous wedding-cake-frosting snow pics on my blog tomorrow too. I love snow.

Cristiane Fontinha said...

I am writing here from Brazil. I saw your kitting and loved it. Do you have a tutorial for this ripples?