Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hello everyone,

My name is Dawn and I am new to the group. I joined for the love of crocheting and the opportunity to share that with others. I really like ripple patterns but haven't done very many. I've used a basic one in the past that I actually used more for scarves than making afghans. Now that I have joined, I went through my stash to see what was available to get started when I found this:

This is a baby blanket I started over 2yrs ago. Hmm, not really interesting and lacks color. :D I am hoping to get some advice from you ladies on how to get this going again. It currently has 30 completed rows but I got bored and never finished. I'd like to add more color but don't know where to begin. You see, I was originally planning to take it apart and use the yarn for something else but now I think I'd like to finish it but need some help. You can take a look at the stash pile I have put together for options but I need to know if I should continue where I am, adding in new color or should I remove some rows to add balance then the new color? Your help would be greatly appreciated. You can read the rest of my post and look at the yarn chosen here.

Thanks for a fun place to share and learn ripple patterns. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress. ;D


Carla said...

Wow, Dawn. If you've already got 30 rows, I don't see how you can start adding color now and make it look remotely balanced, assuming that is what you want. The white is not bad and certainly can go to a baby boy or girl with no problem, but I think I understand your boredom. If I were doing this, I believe I would frog it to where ever I could start putting in stripes, or, just start over with my new colors. I'm eager to see what you decide!

relying on God said...

I'm a quilter and I think that you could still work with this some. Have you ever seen some of Denyse Schmidt quilts where she just has a strip of beautiful colors to make her quilt beautiful and interesting? I'd check her out, but it might be too late for that if you've already begun to take it apart.