Sunday, June 10, 2007

Me ripple, aaaargh

Don't know why I'm talking like a Pirate today...maybe because I feel like I found a treasure yesterday. Was at Hobby Lobby for a refill on my Sugar & Cream yarns, and saw Leisure Arts books were 30% off.

Here's how far my cotton ripple has gotten:

It truly is no-end-in-sight looking now!
It's big enough to cover my legs, which was nice yesterday as it was a bit cool in the shade. I sat in my patio lounge chair and worked on a couple of rows. This is one cozy blanket for warm weather. Can't wait to continue.


sabrina d. said...

Yarr! It's never a bad time to talk like a pirate. :)

Peggy said...

I'd be interested in how the cotton washes and dries. I was afraid to try it as I figured it might lose its shape. Let me know.

Aim said...

I already washed and dried it on hottest settings. See my blog to see my shrinkage percentage with this yarn! It makes a fabric with a wonderful drape. Sigh ;)

Mary said...

I am making the round ripple from that Leisure Arts book (called Aztec Gold) and it's coming out nice. Cotton is a great idea, I have a bunch of Cotton Classic leftovers I need to do something with. . . .