Sunday, June 10, 2007

ok.. so lety's try this

Okay.. so this is the progress I've made I restarted my ripple.. what do we all think? am i changing colros where i should? do the edges look ok?


-Pam L- said...

Wow !
That looks GREAT !
I'm impressed.. you stuck with it and succeeded.
Happy dance. :D

Cindy said...

Looks wonderful to me! Looks like the color changes are working for you,now. By the way I love the colors! Keep up the great work!

Leigh said...

do you think the colors work well together?

babette said...

By George, I think she's got it!!!!!
Looks great Leigh! Colors work well!

Leigh said...

lol yeah! do you all think it looks a lot better am i changing in the right spot? im leaving the strings till im im trying to finish up a granny im so anxious to work on a ripple i was gonan add light blue as well to the ripple