Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ok so

my edges look funny or is it me?


babette said...

Edges look nice & straight, but, it looks as though you are changing your colors incorrectly. The last *pull thru* of the last DC will be the new color. I am very poor at wording things, maybe someone else can re-phrase that for me if you do not understand.
It is very pretty though!!

Leigh said...

wait... so whats wrong with it?

Cindy said...

Here is what I think Babette was saying: Say you are on the last stitch of the blue color. When you do your last dc, only pull the loop through once, leaving two stitches on your needle. Then take the white and pull through the blue loops on your hook. Then turn and crochet your pattern as stated. This should make your color change look smoother. I hope this was understandable.

Opal said...

Hrm. It looks good to me!

Leigh said...

thanks...looks a little weird to me tho

babette said...

Yeah Cindy, that was what I was trying to say!!
It is looking pretty Leigh, be sure to keep posting progress photos!!

-Pam L- said...

Hi Leigh,

It may be that you are now crocheting tighter ?

Or.. count the number of stitches from the first 'valley' to the edge...then count the # of st. from the last 'valley' to the edge.
Is it the same number?

I'm wondering if that's what you were noticeing..if so.. thats normal for all of us when learning.. and our speed and confidence picks up.

On changing colors.. I agree with the others..though I must confess, I cheat, since it's the end of a row. I just finish off. Then next color I start by adding the new yarn on with either a slip st. or a single crochet.. pick one and be consistent on each project.

I work full time so with gaps of time between rows.. I prefer the afghan and basket of yarn colors be separate. Since I may well pick an entirely different color the next day, from what looked perfect last night. :D

Either way of switching colors is correct.

Pretty colors... I've a WIM darn close to that. ;)

Aim said...

I think it looks fine the way it is! I actually knot my new end up tight close to the last dc, then do my chain 3 while incorporating the knot into it, and turn, working over whatever ends are left while starting the new row....