Thursday, May 3, 2007

Swatch and Math Done

Whoo Hooo! Half my yarn arrived just hours after my initial post this morning. I've now crocheted my swatch (check off one of my May to-do items), and I wanted you guys to check my math.

I started with 49 stitches (multiple of 12 + 1) and crocheted 6 rows, not counting the initial chain. My swatch is 13.5 in wide and 3.12 inches deep. So I'm getting 0.28 in per stitch in width and 0.52 inches per row. I took the dimensions of the swatch and multiplied to get sq in= 42.12. Then I frogged all the work, less the chain, and measured~~came up with 35 yds. So, it took 35 yds to get 42.12 sq inches.

Then I did two sets of numbers (I'll just show the figuring I did for the larger set of numbers). For a blanket 60 x 72 I get 4320 sq in. Divide that by 42.12= approx 103. I took that and multiplied by 35 (the number of yds to make the 42.12 sq in) and get 3605 yds. (I ordered 17 skeins of 220 yds each which gives me 3740 yds of yarn.) Then I figured how many yards it would take to get 4 two row stripes from each color.

60 inches wide x 4.16 inches deep= 249.6 sq in
249.6/42.12= approx 5.92
5.92 x 35 yds = need 207 yds per skein.

Each skein is supposed to have 220 yds, so there should be enough to get four 60 inch wide two stripe repeats from each skein.

You guys mind checking my math to see if I'm in the ballpark with this one? I'm cutting it close if I go with the 60 inch wide blanket. I may just work up one whole skein of the yarn to see exactly how many rows I can get out of it.

I don't want to start the actual blanket because all of the yarn isn't here yet, and I want to be able to randomly pull from all of the yarn for each stripe. I don't know how long I'll hold myself to that decision though.

I'm excited to get started, can you tell? ;o)

Edited to add: I did another two row swatch and weighed at the end of the 1st row and had 86 gm of yarn left--this included the foundation chain. At the end of the 2nd 192 stitch row--76 gm left. So right at 10 gm per row. I am so golden!!!! Now I'm considering doing 3 row stripes instead of 2 to make use of more of each skein of yarn.


Dawn said...

whew! i can honestly say my brain cells have gotten a good deal more exercise today than their usual mind numbing relegation to cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, school drop-off driving.

jenny, am following your math and i think you are spot on, though the one caution i have for you is that yarn is sold by weight, not yardage, so take those numbers on the packaging with a grain of salt...and perhaps weight your skeins to see what you actually have. the yardage could still differ as different colors of die do different things to yarn too, and some may be a bit thinner or thicker even though it is commercial.

if you"ve got the time, i"d swatch the rows and see what happens...good pattern practice while you wait.

JennyRaye said...

Thanks, Dawn. After reading Maryse's post about her 15-20% shortage on weight per skein (YIKES), weighing my swatch skein was almost the 1st thing I did. Says 100 gm, I got 99, so not too bad.

Anina said...

Oh, wow! When I finally start a non-uggly ripple you guys will have it all figured out. Right now I'm just randomly doing rows until the yarn runs out, which at this stage looks like it could be doll-sized.

Opal said...

Half your yarn is already there? I am so jealous! Your math is so impressive. I'm more of a fly by the seat of the pants kind of a gal. I have a feeling that will bite my rear appendage pretty hard though.

Jenni-Raie said...



Have i finally met someone with the SAME name as me?

I spell mine officially as: Jenny-Rae.

What's your story?