Thursday, May 3, 2007

Late to the Party # 2!

So, here I am a bit confused with how to figure out how much yardage will be needed for the size afghan or lap-ghan I might need. I read Maryse's answer to Jen but I still have some questions for all of you math wizzes and talented crocheters. :)

I will be using a worsted weight yarn, so if each 2 row repeat took Maryse 40 yards of DK weight yarn, how would I figure out how much worsted the same two rows would take? Maybe I'm missing something here but how do you figure out how many yards you'll need to crochet a ripple, say, for a baby, about 32" wide by 40" long, just for an example?

Since Jan Eaton doesn't give any suggestions for hook size, gauge, etc. there is no 'jumping off point' from which to start a project other than past experience and trial and error. Maryse , you suggested crocheting a swatch, measure it and then frog it, and measure the amount of yarn you used for the square.....please forgive my mind drawing a blank here, but how?

I look forward to all the wonderful advice from the great people on this forum. You crochet such gorgeous ripples in the most magnificient colors, what an inspiration ( as well as 'crochet enablers', LOL) you are.

Cheers, Laura


maryse said...


you literally take a yardstick or measuring tape and measure how much yarn you used for a given size of your swatch (or rows).

so for example when making your swatch. make a chain X long in a color. then start your softwave rows in another color (so you can tell where you started your rows when you undo your crochet). crochet say, 10 rows. measure your swatch. say it's 10 inches long and 4 inches high. tie a slip not in the yarn where the swatch ends or cut it. then undo the swatch. and measure the length of the yarn that you used to make that swatch. so now you know that you need Y yards for your 10 x 4 inch swatch (or however big your swatch is). then figure out how big you want your blanket to be. and then find out how many times your swatch would "fit" in your blanket. and multiply that number by the number of yards.

i don't know if any of that makes sense.

also, if you look at your yarn band, very often they recommend a hook size. you can start with that size and see how you like it. i personally like a drapey fabric, so i got up a couple of hook sizes.

Cecilia said...

the way i did it was to look at other afghan patterns, which gave me a range of yardage for a certain size, figured a ripple takes more than lace and less than bobbles, and did the math . . I am using about 115 oz. for a 90" x 90" queen size blanket . . .the patterns I looked at, just a sec . . .there is a pretty standard ripple in LA Crochet Collection that calls for 39 oz with an "I" hook for a ripplel 'ghan, lace every other row (v-stitch as opposed to solid dc's) for a 49" x 63" result . . .BTW I highly recommend this pattern, it is very pretty, on my to do list

This pattern:
calls for 48 oz of worsted weight yarn for an afghan 49.5" x 67"


Dawn said...

OK, let's see if I can help.

1) Swatch with your yarn and the hook that gives you a look and drape you like. Do it all in one color, no need to do the stripes. If it was me, I'd work worsted with a J hook for a blanket...or at least try that first. You don't want it too dense. I suggest at least a 4" by 4" swatch...but you can do yourself a favor and make a swatch that would make your math at the end easy. (and for your example, 4 works quite well for a 32" by 40" blanket! though in a ripple pattern, you're most likely going to need a much bigger swatch to get through a few repeats of the pattern)

2) Mark the yarn at the end of your swatch with a knot or such. cut it if you don't care having a short could always use it for a granny square with the rest of your leftovers!

3) Rip it out.

4) Measure how long the yarn you used to make the swatch was.

5) This will tell you how much yarn you need for each 4 inches of width and 4 inches of height. So, if you're making that 32" by 40 " blanket, 32" would be 8 of those squares across, so you'd multiply your yardage by 8. To get a blanket 40" long, you'd need 10 of those 4" by 32" strips, so multiply the number you just got by 10, and you should have a ballpark of the yardage you need.

I think that's probably the easiest way to approach the math. Hope it's clear?

Sorry to not have an easy answer, but it really is so dependent on your yarn, your gauge and the stitch pattern.

Dawn said...

hee! we all answered you at once...hope we didn't make your head spin!

Cecilia said...


I separated that url for you so you can type it in and get to the pattern . . .

Laura said...

Maryse, Cecilia, & Dawn,

Thank you so very much for all the time you took to answer my questions. I will do just as you say.....thanks again for the great explanations.