Thursday, May 3, 2007

It really seems there is no end in sight!

A friend of mine has moved to Germany for the next 7 months, just for the fun of it! i wanted to make her a prayer shawl for her to have while she was there. i started this ministry at my church about 1 year ago. usually we knit but this time i decided i would ripple...just to mix things up a bit! i really like how it is coming out but it is just so SLOWWW!!! i have dreams of other projects (including another ripple or two!), but i really don't want to start another project until i get this one done! arg! here is what i have so far! i started with a big secction of red then 7 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 6 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 5 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 4 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 3 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 2 rows or navy, 5 rows of red, 1 row of navy then 5 rows of red then back up....i realy like it...just want it to be finished!
Oh well! i will keep you all posted! Ripple -on!

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Michelle said...

so cool...i hear you on wanting to start a bunch actually already buying a bit of yarn here and there for my second:)