Thursday, May 10, 2007

slowly rippling

Some of you guys are so fast!! This is taking me forever. Well I did have to restart three times.

Anyway here is my ripple after about a week. I'm not a crocheter I'm a knitter, but I really like the look of the crochet ripple. Today I got to wondering how much faster would it be to knit a ripple. So I picked the Frangipani pattern from the 2oo ripple book andgrabbed some Noro and cast on. This is only two rows so far. I really need a longer needle. The stitches are really squished on here. Hopefully tommorow I can run out and get one. I think it will be fun to have both going at once. Of course it will take even longer to finish the first one now that I cast on a 2nd. This rippling is very addictive.


Anina said...

It would be a nice comparison to see the difference between the two.

Ellen Bloom said...

Have you thought of using a circular knitting needle for the Noro project?