Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rippling the Day Away!

I've been infected with the ripple afghan addiction......don't send help! Yes, I've got it bad.....very bad. So much so that I'm contemplating beginning a third ripple and this is before I've even begun to complete the two I've got going at present. You all know it's your fault because before I joined your forum I was knitting (bad word, here) and crocheting things in a normal (is there such a thing for us crafters) fashion and now, I'm all into rippling way too much.

Above is a pic of the wave ripple I'm doing for my kitties....yes, even they will get a ripple to snuggle up on. I'm using Red Heart super saver because even though it feels a bit scratchy at first, I understand it softens up with each successive washing and they'll love that. I was having a bit of trouble getting the wave's first row correct but you helped me sort out my problems, so thanks to those who responded.

This ripple is for a baby boy and I'm using Bernat's Baby Softee using 2 strands at once in a solid blue and a marled blue and white and Susan's easy ripple pattern. I think using 2 strands gives this yarn so much more body for the ripple and I really like how it's working up.

Yes, I'm on a roll, but having great pleasure in the whole process and that's what counts, right?

Cheers, Laura

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Laura said...

I'm so bummed that NO ONE has left me even one comment. I so look forward to hearing what my fellow ripplers have to say, alas.