Thursday, May 10, 2007

Free Granny Inspired Ripple Pattern

Around the same time as I heard about the crochet blogs: no-end-in-sight ripple-along and the granny-along, I also heard that my friend adopted a new baby. While she had been on the list for years, she actually got the call on the day of the birth, and was told she could pick up the baby the next day! Having saved all of the boy things from her 5 year old son's baby days, she was in serious need of pink!

Da-da-da-da! Crochet power....activate!

I went to a craft mega store and bought a gigantic pink 'Pound of Love' ball, and came home to crochet a blanket until the yarn ran out. I wanted to pay homage to both the ripple along and the granny along, and came up with a new stitch pattern. Worked it over 150+ stitches and the yarn ran out after 40+ rows. The finished blanket is 36" - 40" square, depending on how well your yarn blocks.

The pattern is very easy to memorize after a few rows. I crocheted on overdrive to finish this one quickly: 2 days! Not recommended, but certainly possible.

The free pattern is available here: Granny Loves Ripples Crochet Baby Blanket
Granny Loves Ripples Crochet Baby Blanket


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