Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yet another Caron Brites

Here is my update on my Ripples...yes, I am making three!!
I have begun a pink/rose/grey one for my youngest daughter who is getting married this August and another for daughter number one ( that can be seen on my blog) & also a Caron Simply Soft Brites one for myself! I just could not resist the *Brites* one after I saw a few on this Ripple-along.
They are growing slowly ( although, if I were only doing one it would be growing at a faster pace).
Having a great time and loving checking in here every day to see everyone's progress.
P.S. that is not a mistake on the Brites, just the way the 'ghan is tossed on the floor leaving a lump!


Tawana said...

I just got to tell you I love you shades of pink ripple. So pretty!!!!

nutnoh said...

The Soft Brites ripples are so yummy - I might have to get off my yarn-snob high horse and buy some for a blanket!