Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Connecticut Yankee in the Ripple Queen's Court

I am Judy, one of the slew of newbies who joined today. I had been holding off joining until after we got back from Spring Break. Friday night I raided the basement, where I have a voluminous supply of cheap yarn leftover from various projects. I collected, sorted, and came up with this rainbow of colors. The variegated MC yarn is Bernat Nice N' Soft "Flower Power." The remainder is a collection of various worsted-weight acrylics, mostly Red Heart, TMA, and Caron. I did "have" to buy a couple more colors, but, otherwise, I'm using stash. My three year old is acting as my Random Color Selector, and he's been having fun lining up the yarn on the living room floor. I'm using a "J" hook, and the "Ocean Waves" pattern from "7-Day Afghans" by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.

While I'm a blogger newbie, I've rippled before. This is the afghan on my living room sofa (note that the picture has been compromised by a napping cat).

I was also already working on another ripple, from Carole Prior's "A Year of Baby Afghans." I quite often use worsted-weight baby afghan patterns in adult colors to gift as laphans. This one is for my sister, out of yarn she threw at me after an attempt to knit a sweater out of it. I'm having trouble with the exposure--the colors are dark teal and burgundy.

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