Sunday, April 22, 2007

baby ripples

I'm so excited to be on here! :) Finding this blog inspired me to pick up a ripple that i haven't touched for a little over two years (since my daughter was born). I started it for my DH, and he'd been nagging me about it for about a year now, but i just wasn't feeling it. It was just so big already, and not a very convenient project with a small attention-greedy child attached to my knees ;p But i've been consistently working on it since then so it should be done for him by this winter.

I was also inspired by the soft waves, and having baby blankets due, started one in blues for a friend of mine. Here it is, in progress, and the lovely model checking it out is the older brother of the intended recipient. :) That blanket is now done, and i started on a gender neutral, but still bright and happy, baby blanket inspired by michelle's beautiful afghan.

This is my daughter Molly, the attention-greedy little child i mentioned earlier! She had to help me model the done blanket :p And here is her friend Amelia, who "helped" me crochet on the new blanket for a while last night. :D Sorry for the slightly wonky text and pictures, it's looking completely different in the work area and the preview. More updates to come soon as I start ripples for Molly and Amelia!

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