Saturday, April 28, 2007

28% finished

This blanket is due on May 26th. From your ripple-iscious experience, do you think I can get it done? Maybe I should be working on it instead of blogging? Or Flickring? Or anything else?!
WIP: Kristi's Ghan

I've accomplished a bit more on my other blankets - that's right, i'm the one doing three at a time. Would you like to see?



Kelly said...

All three of these blankets are looking fantastic--good luck on your deadline!

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Very impressive!

kirsty said...

No wonder you haven't finished - three at once??? J-R, you're just an over achiever ;-)
I love your granny square afghan!

Laura said...

Are you one of my fav bloggers...the 'loves to bike and knit socks' girl? If so, a big hello!

Your afghans are looking great and I think you could finish by your deadline if you work solely on this project alone. :)

Jenni-Raie said...

I'm not the bike-riding knitter... i can't knit worth the life of me! tried it once, didn't like it a smidge. But i really like what other people do!

Masquerade said...

I'm impressed - three at once?!! Your granny blanket is super cute, and I love the colour combo on the one due on May 26 (it ressembles my favourite crochet graffiti tag :) ). I think you can make it... Bon courage!