Saturday, April 28, 2007

An 1824 Cotton Ripple

Here is a ripple I started about 2 months ago and put aside in order to work on the shell afghan for my son's wedding. I'm happy to say I finished the latter and think I'll start working on this one again. I have lots of 1824 cotton in my stash so this will be a stash busting ripple while I'm at it...Yea!!! I have almost 2 full skeins of a buttery yellow so I think I'll make the strips a bit wider with the yellow color....what do you think?


helenw said...

Not answering your question, but I love the colors so far! I just ordered some 1824 cotton and can't wait to see it. I'm thinking about doing another ripple with it, and you are swaying me in that direction-

renee said...

I love the way it looks so far! I think I like the ones with all the stripes the same size best, so far. But it wouldn't hurt to experiment a bit.