Monday, March 26, 2007

Yummy Yarn

Yummy Yarn 3
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Hello, fellow ripplers!

I'm Nisa from New England and I've decided to jump onto this Rippling bandwagon! I'm hoping that blogging about it here will keep me going so I can actually finish what I've started. And not only that, I plan on making 2 of these - one for each of my girls!

Here's a shot of the wool I'm using - it's all New England Highland worsted weight wool from Harrisville Designs which I'm lucky enough to have practically in my backyard. They have some seriously gorgeous colours there. It was difficult not to walk away with all of them! I only wish the wool were a little softer! I'd like the blankets to be big enough to cover the girls' beds, but the cost may end up being prohibitive. I'm making it as least as wide as I need it and I'll see how far I get up, lol.

I've started with the dark berry colour and my plan is to let the ripples dictate the order of the colours. I'm also using the ever-popular Soft Waves pattern. I'll post more when I make a little more progress with my blanket. Right now I'm only 5 dc in on the first row, lol!


Queens Knitting Mama said...

What beautiful colors. They are going to make two gorgeous blankets. Maybe some woolite might do the trick of softening the wool. Have fun.


Lallee said...

Gorgeous colors! Can't wait to see the ripples in these.