Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello - teabird here

I started this feather-and-fan last year as my Knit the Classics project for Wuthering Heights.

feather and fan
It's now 31" long. Its destination: 60".

Feather-and-fan is one of my favorite knit stitches. It's incredob;u easy because there's only one pattern row, and it's perfect for variegated yarn. This is KnitPicks Memories in "fly fishing."

When I posted this on Tea Leaves, I asked where people thought the second skein began. WRONG! The second skein began about 3" into the pooling. I decided I liked the pooling, and it has since changed patterns again.

I'll keep you posted as the scarf grows... melanie a/k/a teabird


It's Me, Maven... said...


Anonymous said...

i'm not quite sure what this has to do with crocheted ripple blankets... but maybe i'm just confused.

Dawn said...

hey, in my book, any ripple is a good ripple. knit, crochet, blanket or skirt. love them all. it's just one big celebration of traditional skills mutated to whatever fits in your life. the feather and fan pattern is really the knit version of the wavey ripple everyone is clamoring for.

teabird, did you catch my scarf a while back? it's in lisa souza superwash merino sport and it's pooling too, but i think that really serves to highlight the stitch pattern...

mk said...

beautiful colors!!! Next time I knit (anxious fingers?) I might try that out! It looks like fun.

btw, what is pooling? Is that when the colors decide to congregate together with similar colors? thanks!

It's Me, Maven... said...

I find it curious that "anonymous" didn't say anything when Dawn, HERSELF, posted a pic of a simlar ripple she's KNITTING.

teabird17 said...

Well, well, well.

Pooling is the phenomenon where colors in a variegated skein "pool" together, contrary to logic, since the different stitches on different rows should (in theory) distribute the colors more randomly.

Dawn, I saw your scarf- it's pretty in pink!

People might like to check out a fairly new book- "200 ripple stitch patterns" - it has dozens of crochet and knit ripples, and each is prettier than the next.

Anonymous said...

it's me maven - sorry about that. i would have posted a "wtf?" comment to that entry, too. i just didn't see it until you pointed it out!
feather and fan scarves are fine in and of themselves. but i really don't think they belong on this blog.

and teabird17 - thanks for the heads up on the book. not. had you actually read this blog, you would know that a majority of people are already using it!

TeaMouse said...

I love that ripple - the feather and fan is gorgeous.

madlovescience said...

That color combo is awesome. It looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I think your work is stunning. Today is my first day on this blog. I thought it would be neat to join where I could get some motivation to finish my ripple I just started, it usually takes me forever to do them and this is the first one I am doing with a dc. I also am a knitter and a moderator for a crochet forum and we welcome all crafts not limit just to crochet. I also have no clue what pooling is and hey if you can knit a ripple go for it, then send me mail telling me how lol.