Saturday, March 17, 2007

My son's Ribby Ripple

Hi all, this is my first post but I have been lurking and commenting for a while. My name is Lisa and I am brand new to crochet. I started about a month ago. In addition to crocheting, I quilt, sew, knit and whatever else I feel inspired to do. I have a blog that you can visit to see my other "stuff" ( Bird Brain). Without further ado here are the colors my son picked out for his ripple blanket.

Here is my ripple so far. I am doing the "Ribby" pattern (#106) from Jan Eaton's, 200 Ripple stitch patterns. I really enjoy looking at the wonderful creations here.

Oh, if someone could give me some direction as to how to add the Ripple button to my blog I would be very appreciative. I tried for an hour last night and couldn't do it. I have that Junior High feeling that everyone else can do this except me LOL ;)

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Carla said...

Hi, Lisa. I like the colors your son chose. Will this be a random ripple? Sorry, but I have no blog and can't help with the button. Mabye someone else can...