Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally, some decent light

I haven't been able to post an update lately because all the good natural light leaves the house before I come home from work! I finally got some decent pictures last evening. This one looks like an Easter egg!

I'm 23 stripes in, and I'm guessing it's about half as long as I want it to be, although I haven't yet laid it out on the bed.

Also, I cheated a little bit, as 4 of the last 5 colors I bought in the last week. One day I was upset, so instead of doing something unhealthy, like drinking, I went out and bought yarn. Maybe not so healthy for the checkbook, but much better for me. Then a lot of really nice yarn came up on cheapcycle for $25, complete with a cute basket, so I bought it as well. The last color came from that purchase. It's yellow, orange, pink, and blue variegated, and it reminds me of sherbert.

Just for fun, here's another angle:

I'm loving seeing everyone else's photos, and amazed that the group has grown so large, so fast!


Carla said...

Now that sound like a good solution if you're upset — buying yarn, LOL!

Kelley said...

Trust me, it was the perfect therapy!