Saturday, March 17, 2007

Baby Ripple

Hi Everyone! I like you-all was so inspired by Jane's and Alicia's original ripples! I am so enjoying seeing everyone's different colors and stitches here!

I've been having this knitting tangent, very frustrating, something about crochet is just more "me". So what a wonderful way to "come back". :-)

I had these yarns leftover from other baby blanket projects, and one my daughter picked out. They are LB Pound of Love in white, TLC Essentials in bambi (pastels), and a RH 'something' in the lavender & pink shades.

Being a not-very-random kinda gal, I chose to alternate the colors in an A B A C pattern, which will work well with the amounts of each yarn I have too.

I have two other batches of yarn that have been "nagging" me that will work perfectly for larger blankets. One of Woolease in neutrals/classic colors, and another of eBay wools in some rather pretty colors that I think look beautiful together. Now I just need to figure out if there is enought there for a twin and a queen size blanket.


Matt & Devvy said...

I am so with you about knitting. Crochet was one of the first crafts my mom taught me, and in the last couple years I tried to learn to knit: it just didn't work. Some things just click with different people, and crochet is that way with me. BTW--love the sherbert-themed colors of the lower pic!

mohairpink said...

I loooove your colors.

Susan said...

That is a serious amount of yarn. You have more than mine, and I know for sure that mine will cover my queen sized bed and have a 6" drape on each side and probably 6" on the end too - but mine is fingering weight. I think yours looks like worsted?