Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I tried to resist

I didn't want to join in. Not because I don't like the idea or the ripples but just because I had other things to crochet and I don't like not finishing what I start. I should have realised that I wouldn't be able to resist.

First I realised that we needed more blankets for the children. Then I noticed that I had more yarn in my stash than I thought so that was my excuse gone. I may even end up making two - one in wool/acrylic mix and one in cotton.

I've started with the wool/acrylic mix ripple. I'm trying to stick to masculine colours for my son because the cotton one will have a lot of pink.

This is Day One

This is Day Two.


Nancy said...

I'm afraid I can't see the pictures. You have my curiosity going!

Crazy Jane said...

Sorry, I hope I've got it sorted now.