Thursday, March 22, 2007

...a ripple of a different sort

Ach! Still fighting allergies that seem to have gained the ability to fight back. I'm a tad behind on the invites, but with any luck my dearest will take pitty on me and I'll get a few kid free computer mintues to catch up later.

Did catch up on the ripples yesterday, and darn if book and hook didn't make me realize that I have yet another ripple that has been lurking unawares in my WIP pile:

It's a Misty Meadow scarf out of the Holiday 2006 Interweave Knits. Done upon US 4s in Lisa Souza Superfine Superwash Sport Merino in the Violet's Pink Ribbon colorway. Luscious.

So of course now I've been working on that and the ripples have been pouting. But maybe it's a good thing cause darn you Michelle, you went and figured it out and now I'm fighting the impulse to rip and restart!


deedledumpling said...

Dawn, that is a very pretty piece. I will have to look that one up. Thanks Diana

MikKnits said...

You know how easy it is to be obsessed by these ripples. Please, please give me a chance to finish one of my afghans before you plant another seed in my brain. Can I just tell you how stoked I was today when I Googled "round ripple afghan" and I came up on page 2? Woohoo!

Holly said...

That is sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing,

Lisa Souza said...

Well now...a little bird told me to check out your scarf. I love what you have done with the yarn, Dawn. So pretty. :o)

TeaMouse said...

That is so beautiful! I've done a similar stitch but only for a dishcloth.

Dawn said...

awwww, thanks guys!

but seriously, most of the snaps go to lisa-the-yarn-goddess. it wouldn't be nearly as preeeety if the yarn just wasn't plain perfect for the pattern.